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Conference Series LLC Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend International Conference & Expo on Clinical Psychology
Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Anand Kumar

Indian Academy of Health Psychology, India

Keynote: Expanding horizons of Health Psychology : Issues and challenges

Time : 10:00-10:45

Clinical Psychology 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Anand Kumar photo

Professor Anand Kumar is a distinguished and internationally recognized Professor of Psychology. His area of specialization includes clinical, health and sport psychology. He has been recipient of international honours and awards; Best Speaker Award at the 10th World Congress of Social Psychiatry in 1983 at Osaka (Japan), Life Fellow Award (1983) by the World Association for Social Psychiatry and Man of Achievement Award (1993) by the  Cambridge University, England. He has been Visiting Professor (2007, 2008) at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany.  He was member Technical Program committee and organizing committee and Key-note speaker in the International Conference on Psychology and Health (September, 2015) at Shanghai, China.

Prof. Anand Kumar delivered guest lectures at academic organizations in U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, Argentina, Italy, Austria, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. More than 100 research papers have been published in accredited International and National journals on his credit. Two International and 3 National projects have been directed by him.



Health psychology is one of the most rapidly developing fields in contemporary psychology. It is now the sixth largest among 56 divisions of the American Psychological Association. Health psychology encompasses a wide range of issues — from chronic pain to terminal illness — with the goals of helping people improve their quality of life and addressing specific health issues. Health psychologists are doing a lot of prevention work around a range of issues from preventing obesity, maintaining a positive outlook in life, preventing anxiety and depression and trying to enhance the quality of life of individuals. They work on multidisciplinary teams in integrated care settings including working with physicians, nutritionists, dieticians, and physical therapists. They are trained to know about the disease processes and physiology and how the mind and body can work together on what’s going on with a specific illness in order to help that person deal with whatever issues they are being presented with. The issues and challenges for contemporary health psychology are: understanding chronic illness, promoting health and preventing disease and re-shaping the health care system to meet future needs. There are some international issues, such that disease prevalence varies greatly by country. Continuing success in health psychology depends on a strong commitment to trans-disciplinary collaboration; striving for theoretical and research developments that cultivate the multilevel, multisystem, and multivariate nature of health processes, and the development of curriculum and funding policies for the next generation of researchers and practitioners. This keynote address will present all aspects of current issues and challenges of health psychology focusing on recent developments in fundamentals and practical applications